Dinner Menu

Middle Eastern Tapas

All tapas served with Lavash bread.

Turquoise Hummus

Creamy, savory dip made from organic pureed golden chickpeas, roasted red peppers, pomegranate molasses, roasted walnuts, and organic sesame seeds.



Refreshing, healthy salad including cracked wheat (also known as bulgur), cucumber, tomatoes, scallions, parsley, and olive oil, seasoned with lemon and fresh mint.


Baba Ghanoush

Zesty dip featuring smoky roasted eggplant, caramelized onions, garlic, olive oil, organic sesame seeds, and herbs.



Homemade organic yogurt mixed with succulent roasted beets.



Homemade organic yogurt seasoned with diced cucumber and mint.


Spinach Dip

A very popular persian appetizer, this healthy dip contains homemade organic yogurt, spinach, onion, and herbs.


Olive-Walnut Tapenade

Zesty tapenade includes black and green olives, walnuts and a garnish of pomegranate seeds(when in season) or dried cranberries


Torshe Anbeh

Sweet and sour mango chutney features tamarind, mango, dates, and spices.


Grilled Shrimp

Classic shrimp tapas with lemon and butter.


Bread Basket or Veggie



Add Soup: $5.95; Natural Chicken Tender: $6.95; Organic Ground Beef Kabob: $7.95

Turquoise Salad

Organic field greens tossed with plum tomatoes, fresh seasonal berries, signature balsamic vinaigrette and mango or pineapple(depending on availability)


Arugula Salad

Organic arugula leaves plus a bounty of toppings: gorgonzola crumbles, fresh green apples,caramelized walnut (cooked with honey-no sugar!), organic dried cranberries and orange segments


Kale Salad

Beautiful organic kale combines deliciously with organic quinoa, sweet organic apple, red onion, grape tomatoes, almonds and dried cranberries


Organic Green Field Salad

Organic mixed baby greens tossed with fresh tomatoes and dried cranberries


Spinach Salad

Organic baby spinach tossed with roasted beets, plum tomatoes,pumpkin seeds and pear


Greek Salad

Classic Greek salad with a Turquoise twist:our combination features plum tomatoes, red onions,kalamata olives, feta cheese, Persian cucumbers, garbanzo beans, bell peppers and fresh parsley


Soup of the day



Chicken Kabob

All-natural boneless chicken breast marinated in lemon juice and saffron, then grilled.


Broiled White Fish

Wild Whitefish is seared and broiled, then served atop a bed of fluffy, Cilantro-seasoned brown rice. The Sauce-with lemon, Capers, and pear tomatoes- provides a perfect finale.


Wild Catch of the Day

Our selection changes based on the season

Market Price

Savory Shrimp

Plump broiled shrimp, enhanced by a creamy sauce seasoned with white wine and onions, with brown cilantro-infused rice.


Koubideh Kabob (Two Skewers)

All-organic ground beef combined with chopped onion and spices.


Lamb Kabob

Grass fed, succulent filet of lamb marinated in a gourmet saffron-onion blend, then grilled.


Shishlik Kabob

Grass-fed filet mignon creates tender flavorful shish kabobs


Tofu Kabob

Organic firm tofu cubes are interspersed with portabello mushrooms; both are encased in a delicious sauce featuring roasted red peppers, pomegranate molasses, roasted walnuts, and cumin.


Roasted Vegetables

A feast for the eyes and mouth, this combination of colors and tastes will delight: asparagus, mushroom, eggplant, tomatoes and bellpeppers.



Certified Organic Loose Teas

Temple of Heaven

Organic Green Tea.



Organic Green Tea, Wild Pineapple & Papaya.


Persian Nectar

Peach & Oragnic Black.



Organic Chamomile & lavender (Tisane).


Passion & Envy

Organic green tea, Organic Blue Mallow Petals, Organic Mallow Petals, Organic Marigold Petals, Mango & Papaya


Cre'me I'Orange

Organic Rooibos, Organic Licorice, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Sunflower, Organic Cirnflower, Organic orange flavoring and natural Vanilla flavoring


Mint -O-Misto

Organic Peppermint,Organic Spearmint


Jasmine Dragon

Phoenix Pearls,Organic Scented Pouchong



Certified Organic Coffees.


Single $2.95/
Double $3.75


Single $3.95/
Double $4.75

Cafe Latte

Single $3.95/
Double $4.75

Vanilla Latte

Single $3.95/
Double $4.75

Cafe Mocha

Single $3.95/
Double $4.75

Soy / Almond Latte

Single $3.95/
Double $4.75

Organic Iced Tea/Diet coke


Organic Soda


Seasonal Juice (Fresh Squeezed)


Pomegranate Juice


Classic Coke(Mexican)

Double $3.25

Bottled Water

Small $3.00
Large $5.00